From the time Mark left his Design Group in 1991 he began to find time to explore painting and artwork beyond the realms of Graphics ...... Advertising, Print and Exhibition Stand Design. Teaching Art in secondary schools fuelled this exploration as he worked with students who were using Art as their way of expressing their own feelings and ideas. Teaching Art gave him a freedom to help others achieve their goals.
Studio work in the 'studio days' he felt was his destiny; producing design  solutions to clients' problems in a visual way was the perfect career. However, time to be creative was limited as his role become more administrative.
Hence the move into education.
After death
Apocalyptic reverie
Badbury Rings
Beech and rings
Cat's eye
Diminishing memories
Dust to dust
Fractal seaside
How I dream
In the glassgarden
Kiss of eternal dreams
Mirror of dreams
Portrait 3
Quay impression
Stair hole
Tangent 4
Tangent 5
Triptych to eternity
When 1
When I die
All paintings on this page were carried out in oils, with the exception of the 'Tangent' series, 'Coelacanth' and 'Badbury Rings'  which were in oil paint and collage.