So much of the artwork throughout the books and original paintings owes a huge amout to Mark's love of the illustrative design world. Influences abound from the works of the Arts & Crafts movement to more recent styles. He always says he has been influenced a great deal from the art of 'psychedelia' of the 1960s, as much as the work of Lesley Anne Ivory today.
Keeping an open mind and considering the natural world have informed most of his illustrative work.

Mark is driven to developing ideas from initial workings and drawing and sketching from life.
Generally working with no preconceptions,
he creates visual images preparing for the next step.
The work is really totally improvised.
With the advent of a succession of grandchildren, Mark found pleasure in drawing from the numerous soft toys which abounded in the home. Often the children would present him with 'found' objest from walks and he would produce framed drawings for them.

A series he began in 2013 gave rise to illustrations of the signs of the Zodiac and pay tribute to the world of fractals; these beautiful mathematical images helped him explore the idea of 'Infinity' and combine with the extravagant posters of the 1960s Thus began his exploratory work which is on-going today.
With his background in Graphic Design, he is always drawn back to imagery which serves a purpose and when working from the plants in his garden, he could see that the drawings could evolve into patterns for wallpaper or gift-wrap, and frequently created paper for gifts for family and friends.