Mark, with his wife, Avril, began breeding Burmilla kittens in 1995.
They chose the breed after looking at so many beautiful cat breeds, but fell in love with Burmillas.
It was a journey that lasted for the better part of twenty years, and only ending with Mark having a health scare. In that time they owned dozens of beautiful cats and produced around 40 litters of kittens. So many of the cats and kittens were to feature in Mark's work and also to be used in advertsing photography shoots for well-known pet brands. Indeed in 2012 the Ashputtel Burmillas featured in a programme for US television for Cats101 on Animal Planet. The promotion featured the work of Lesley Anne Ivory and her Ashputtel cat, Amulet who has since gone on to feature on dozens of her world-renowned paintings.
It was the temperament that captured the hearts of the friends that Avril & Mark made, who had come to their home to look at the kittens in their home environment and of course, inevitable one (or more) would be snapped up to become that adorable pet!