In 2006 and with a large number of cats living with he and his wife, Avril; Mark realised that they having bred cats for many years, and naming the litters alphabetically, they had enough to feature every letter of the alphabet.
Amazingly his original cats 'Molly' and 'Zar' were registered as 'Amillymollymoo' (hence Molly) and 'Abaltizar' (thus Zar), so both ends of the alphabet were covered immediately. Now all that was necessary was to choose which cat for each letter would be selected. Some were kittens bred by them whilst others were original household pets, like Pickles and Rosie.
Born from this point was Mark's
Alphabet of Cats.

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A is for Amillymollymoo
B is for Bella
C is for Chester
D is for Dylan
E is for Esphahan
F is for Foofie
T is for Tommy &Tuppence
H is for Henry
I is for Ishtar
J is for Jaywooster
K is for Kasbah and Kittens
O is for Ollivander
N is for Nocturne
M is for Miss Moppet
L is for Lucy
Q is for Quosolomilo
U is for Ubibarnaby
S is for Sulliman
R is for Rosie
P is for Pickles
Z is for Zar and Zarina
Y is for Yamuun
X is for X'citement
W is for William
V is for Vaerani
G is for Gustav
watches wistfully whilst sitting on a William Book. He has upset the Waste-paper basket and Waste-paper has spilled out, along with Wool. A little Wren sits on the basket.
Also on the Wooden shelf is a Wine bottle and Wine glass and a sprig of Weigela.
In the window hang Wind-chimes and outside is a field of Wheat. Also draped over the book is a Watch, whilst a Wasp sips the Wine from the glass.
Mark is convinced that there is a market for this range of illustrations but would be happy to hear from someone experienced to take this further.
He has plenty of further ideas too.