A is for Algernon
B is for Bruno
C is for Chomondley
D is for Dreyfus
E is for Edward
S is for Scrap
P is for Pierre
Following the alphabet of cats,
Mark had found that he really enjoyed representing a collection of Teddy Bears with which his grand-children played when at their home. There were a large number calling for him to draw.
It was natural for him to then produce this
Alphabet of Bears.

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As with Alphabetacats, each letter features one of the Bears and is represented in a scene in which the objects begin with that particular letter of the Alphabet.
Therefore in 'A is for Algernon', we find him Abseiling down a rope from a wooden brick Arch, the rope being fixed to an AnchorAlgernon is in Africa with Acacia trees and an Amber sky with both an Airship and Aeroplane.
A dear little toy Anteater plods towards a pile on Apples and avoids the Antique vase. In the foreground are an Ant preserved naturally in Amber, an Agate pebble and some Asparagus spears.
T is for Teddy