A New Title
With the 'Omnibus' edition of Hiccup's story now complete, it's time to return to
'Pre-Hiccup' days. When the idea of the Alphabetabears first seemed like a good idea. The illustrated alphabet was well-receieved by both family and friends, with each teddy-bear being featured with objects in each illustration beginning with that particular letter of the alphabet.

Example is of Algernon who appears first:
'Oh Look! Here is Algernon. He is Abseiling down a rope from an Arch in Africa. There is an Anchor at the end of the rope. An Arachnid is also climbing down the Arch, perhaps looking at the Apples or maybe the Ant in Amber.
Agate pebble and Asparagus are also at the front. Behind are a plodding Anteater and an Antique vase with Acacia trees in the background. Completing the scene are a toy Aeroplane and Airship.'
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